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One purpose of the Church of Christian Liberty is to present the Gospel to the lost through work on the mission fields, at home and abroad. This has been an emphasis since the founding of the Church. As such, the church has supported many missionary efforts through the years. We currently support the following mission outreaches: 

Caris Counseling and Resources


Without enough emotional support and practical resources, women facing unplanned pregnancies can often feel alone, overwhelmed and uncertain. Caris is a unique, Christian pregnancy counseling agency that provides the support and resources a woman needs to have hope for her future and the future of her child. You can demonstrate God’s love to women facing unplanned pregnancies by getting involved! Find out more online or call them at 312-229-5701.

Support Caris

Caris - Get Help


Concerned Christian Americans, Rev. Robert Vanden Bosch


Lobbying the Illinois State Government on behalf of the Christian Community. Since 1993, Rev. Bob Vanden Bosch has served as a lobbyist on behalf of Illinois’ Christians, standing for traditional values in Springfield, Illinois. Because our culture puts tremendous pressure on the practice of Christianity, his ministry is more necessary than ever.

Rev. Vanden Bosch ministers as a missionary sent out by his home church, working as an ambassador for Jesus Christ. His calling is to protect the right of Christians to practice their religious beliefs, churches, private education, marriage, traditional values, the rights of the unborn, and to share the redeeming love of Jesus Christ. These things will build a better future for society.

For more information, you can call (847) 526-7339 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Go International


Our objective is not to become the largest organization in Africa, but it is to be a facilitator of the work the Holy Spirit is accomplishing in the midst of this people, this land, and this culture.

The people lack resources, but they have vision. We must help train those the Lord is raising up to reach all of Africa. We must provide books and Bibles so that they can study to become workmen that need not be ashamed. We must provide money to build schools of learning and to help pay tuition for those who are willing to make tremendous sacrifices to leave their villages and families to be trained as missionaries and pastors.

We must provide training in sound doctrine which will enable the new generation of believers to overcome centuries of pagan beliefs. We have the potential to guide these people of God in a direction which will enable them to have a positive influence, not only on Africa, but on the world. Let us not close our eyes to the opportunity the Lord has laid at our doorstep.

Go International


Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary


Since 1987, Greenville Seminary’s focus has been to prepare for the Lord’s service men who are powerful preachers of God’s Word. GPTS also offer continuing ministerial education through the Pastor’s Summer Institute. These are turbulent days in a dangerous world. Yet, they are days filled with opportunity. More than ever, the Church needs well-trained preachers who are able to bring the gospel to worldwide fields ripe for harvest.

GPTS is committed to: The authority of Scripture, doctrinal integrity bounded by the Westminster Standards, the use of original languages for study, the preservation of our Christian heritage, Christ-centered heart preaching, a classical curriculum, accountability to the Church, and affordable tuition.

Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary


Middle East Reformed Fellowship


MERF and the Reformed Family of Churches worldwide, are engaged in encouraging and strengthening the Church throughout the Middle East . Non-Christians are responding to the challenge of the Gospel of Christ. They are being discipled by national Christians. Those in need are being helped spiritually and in practical ways.

The Middle East Reformed Fellowship is a religious, non-profit and non-political charitable organization, serving in the Middle East on behalf of Reformed Family of Churches and believers worldwide. It is for those who are committed to proclaim the historic Christian faith as expressed in the early ecumenical creeds and the confessions of the Reformation.

Middle East Reformed Fellowship


Dr. Robert Rodgers

Dr. Rodgers was born in Northern Ireland. For many years he was one of the governors in a prison. While serving in this capacity, he was ordained for the ministry, and to this end has studied in the United Kingdom, Germany, and France. He pastored churches on his native soil and in Germany, and has written several books. His present field of ministry is in Hungary

. Dr. Rodgers teaches in a seminary as well as serving as a professor at Mickolci Bolcsez Egyesulet University in Mickolci, Hungary's second largest city. He has established the Department of Christian Studies at the university.

Dr. Rodgers desires to evangelize the Hungarian students at the university by sowing a Biblical world and life view in his own classes as well as to others for which he has responsibility. Please pray that God would continue to use Dr. Rodgers for His glory, and that Dr. Rodgers' influence at the university will continue to expand.


The Vine School

The Vine School

The Vine School formerly known as John Wycliffe Christian School began in January of 1988 with just 7 students. Today the school serves many more students from pre-school to 7th grade. The name "The Vine School" was chosen to acknowledge the centrality of Jesus Christ, the true Vine, and to emphasise growth and vitality in education. It also marked the "pruning" which the school underwent from 2010 to 2012. However, the heritage of John Wycliffe remains. The great reformer was a man of courage, integrity and wisdom who lived and taught the plain truth of the Bible. He was influential in theology, politics and civil life in his generation and for centuries afterward. Likewise, we trust that, by God's grace, the children at The Vine School will bear fruit that lasts. There are no churches in Africa or elsewhere beside the Church of Christian Liberty that help to support this excellent Christian school. In addition to the tuition paying students, the school educates a number of poor children who cannot afford tuition. The school is located in a poorer area of greater Cape Town, South Africa.

The Vine School


Creation Ministries International South Africa, Rob ZinsCreation Ministries

Rob Zins has been ministering in South Africa for nearly 20 years and now is working with Creation Ministries International in South Africa. Rob directs the office in Durbanville and helps plan speaking engagements and events throughout South Africa. The message of creation is vital for Christians to believe if there will be long term reformation in South Africa.

For more information, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Project Antioch in Brazil

Project Antioch is an effort to establish faithful churches in northeastern Brazil. Efforts are being focused in three different states in Brazil – Pernambuco, Piaui, and Bahia. Our work with Project Antioch has involved helping sponsor students to complete their theological studies at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Those who have completed their studies have returned to Brazil to continue their ministry.

Educational Ministries

Christian Liberty Academy CLASS Homeschools


Christian Liberty Academy is a private, independent Christian school, providing quality Christian education to students form Preschool through 12th grade, located in Cook County, Illinois


CLASS is an independent and non-denominational K–12 Christian home education program, is a pioneer of the modern home school movement and has helped well over 100,000 families to get started - and succeed - in home schooling.

Christian Liberty Press Whitefield College


Christian Liberty Press delivers excellent educational products at a great value to home schools and Christian schools across the United States and throughout the world. We are dedicated to finding, evaluating, and producing curriculum materials that are rooted in the Word of God and express a biblical worldview. Celebrate with us what God has done for and through Christian Liberty Press.

Whitefield College

Whitefield’s educational system is founded on God’s revealed truth the Bible. We offer an education from a Biblical World and Life View. What this means is that the foundation of all knowledge is found in the principles of God’s Word in all areas of life including business, elementary and secondary education, philosophy, civil and moral law, civil government, psychology and history.


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