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"A man is not primarily a witness against something. That is only incidental to the fact that he is a witness for something... A witness, in the sense that I am using the word, is a man whose life and faith are so completely one that when the challenge comes to step out and testify for his faith he does so, disregarding all risks, accepting all consequences." 

- Whitaker Chambers


"She changed her mind. She's going to keep her baby," said the man who had just recently escorted a woman into the clinic. Those are wonderful words to hear outside of a clinic where babies are continually aborted. What was somewhat more special about this moment was we were told the young woman changed her mind because she saw the young adults, her peers, standing peacefully outside the clinic.

Maria, a grandmother, who now works with us, deeply regrets her one abortion she had many years ago. She says, "...for twenty years I cried. If someone would have been there outside the clinic offering help, I would not have gone inside. I was looking for a reason not to go inside." So often we've heard or read in many different and difficult situations the words, "...if only someone would have been there," or "...I didn't know who to go to." It is our hope that we will be there when a family, a woman, and a child are perhaps most at need. It is at that moment, just before that family or mother and child go through that clinic door that we have one last opportunity between life and death.

We stand, as witnesses for life, following Pastor Paul Lindstrom's passion for the sanctity of life and the conviction that all life has meaning and purpose because we have all been made in God's image (Genesis 1:26-28).

Once a month we peacefully witness for life outside one Chicago area clinic, and once every other month we witness in front another clinic within the Chicago city limits.

For more information on witnessing for life or other questions, please contact David Bergquist at 1-847-385-2010 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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David Bergquist and CLA Student Ashley Houdek speak at 6th Anniversary of the Aurora Planned Parenthood Opening

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Christian Liberty Academy is a private, independent Christian school, providing quality Christian education to students form Preschool through 12th grade, located in Cook County, Illinois


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